Elite Pilates drives sales operations with Salesforce Sales Cloud

The physiotherapy and Pilates Contrology centre improves their sales team performance by implementing the CRM platform


Business Challenge

Based in Madrid, Elite Pilates is a company dedicated to improving the quality of life of their clients through education and maintenance of the body and controlled movement. Elite Pilates designs original Pilates classes tailored to the particular needs of each client. They design a program that addresses each of their client’s physical needs and adapts to any possible injuries they may have, guaranteeing a unique and effective training.

Founded almost twenty years ago, Elite Pilates employs the original method of Contrology created by Joseph H Pilates in the early 1900s, making it last through time while keeping its true nature, all of this through teaching clients and training future teachers. They pride themselves in seeking passion and respect through authenticity, making a point to value the trust, loyalty and gratitude they find in their customers. 

With business expanding, and their number of both in person and online clients growing as Madrid emerges from the pandemic, Elite Pilates wanted a system that could successfully aid their sales teams to track and control clients effectively. They need a CRM platform that could improve their commercialisation processes, while maintaining the personable and authentic aspect they pride themselves in.



Once Salesforce Sales Cloud was implemented, Elite Pilates saw their sales processes optimally facilitated through automated organisation and design agility. 

The implementation of the CRM platform allowed Elite Pilates to adequately manage all their client accounts through one centralised platform. They were able to plan tracking actions and manage new leads, courses and contacts to allow a personalised follow-through and client upkeep. 

The platform allowed Elite Pilates to keep control of attendance and payments, as well as keep a register of any completed activities. They were also able to use reports and tables to analized closed opportunities, including events sold and orders invoiced, all completed through a state-of-the-art system to reduce human errors.


Why Customer Chose Habenae

For Elite Pilates, one of their top priorities in looking for a firm to implement Salesforce, was a firm that could understand their commitment to deliver a personable experience to their clients. 

Keeping a track record of work, affection and improvement behind each of their clients, Elite Pilates, Elite Pilates perceived our willingness to promote our client’s brands and values through implementations that augment, rather than diminish customer experience. 

Elite Pilates was able to initiate the system across their sales team to aid in their performance, and gain an intrinsic understanding of the platform’s functionality through close interactions with our personnel.

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