Computer and Network Security company boosts Sales Data Processing and revamps Reporting Framework with Habenae

This Computer and Network Security company renovates its Revenue Operations for practical insights and predictability across its organisation.


Business Challenge 


Over the past 20 years, our client has become recognised as the leader in core network services, which includes Domain Name System (DNS), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), and IP address management (IPAM), collectively known as DDI. Their Next-level cybersecurity helps enterprises in any industry protect against the rising flood of cyberattacks, leveraging 14 billion threat indicators and 30 plus API security integrations.

While they continued to expand and open offices worldwide, our client began to perceive that their sales reps were not constantly receiving accurate and easy-to-access installed base reports. They weren’t able to pull all of the data themselves, build dashboards around it themselves, and be able to slice the data however they needed. They wanted to know in real time what their customers owned, what their Sales Engineers were doing, and how they were doing from an automated reporting tool.

Seeing this lack of organisation and cadence among their reps, our client needed a firm to revamp their Revenue Operations and establish a reliable system for reps to follow once the project was over.




Once Habenae analysed and measured the best solution for our client’s Sales Team, they embarked on a nine-month project that resulted in a complete boost of data and reporting performance across the teams.

As Habenae interacted with the different reps to streamline the reports and create a single system, they worked to establish policies to ensure reliable and effective customer data. They set roles and tools to execute and foster self-service, driving business insights to increase predictability and accelerate growth, and deliver next-generation applications to sustain growth and customer success.

During the project time, Habenae designed a simple reporting process that everyone knew (incl. Finance & Marketing), created a sales data terminology that everyone understood, and established a reporting request process (SNOW or similar) for reporting request tracking and change management. They built accountability through a structured cadence and find opportunities to automate low-value activities so the team could focus on value-added activities while considering the nuances of the data and Infoblox culture.

This project established a global cadence of meetings and reports by filtering and prioritising the dashboards and metrics needed to run the business. It focused on getting more time analysing and providing insights and less time producing reports and selecting Salesforce (i.e. Tableau) as the single platform of choice for Sales Reporting. In addition, our client adopted a Reporting Kanban process to speed up lead time and throughput of information.


Why Customer Chose Habenae


When looking for an outside firm to renovate their Revenue Operations, our client looked for someone who could work with their Sales teams to establish a consistent set of metrics needed to run the business while maintaining a simple process everyone knows and a structured cadence of meetings and reports.

During their meetings with Habenae, they saw our almost two decades of experience working with large-scale business Revenue Operations and our professionalism and mission to provide practical insights and increase business predictability by embedding data and intelligence in Decision-Making.

During the project’s duration, Habenae worked extensively with executives and reps to establish a weekly cadence, meeting daily to build a sales cadence based on accountability, predictability and sustainability. Working with our firm, our client found a reliable system in their Revenue Operations to improve their Data Quality, Integration and Automation for the long term.

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