Our People

Ricardo Amaya


Ricardo Amaya, CEO of Habenae Consulting, is passionate about business integrity and people development. He is known to increase sales productivity by identifying the right strategy for your business. A trusted partner and advisor, he helps management teams, being able to considerably increase year-on-year sales and implement the tools and processes required to make exceptional growth.Ricardo holds an MBA from London Business School and is pursuing a Doctorate in Business Administration, with a concentration in Corporate Governance, at the IE Business School.

Marie Amaya

Legal, Corporate Affairs and General Counsel

Marie Amaya is the Legal and Corporate Affairs and General Counsel at Habenae Consulting. With over 18 years of experience in legal and corporate affairs, governance, compliance, litigation and law matters, she brings a unique blend of expertise.
Marie holds an MMF from University of Navarra and LLB from UCV.

Ricardo Luciano Amaya


Ricardo Luciano Amaya, Revenue Operations Analyst, at Habenae Consulting, is an ambitious and success oriented worker. Having worked in the CRM consulting industry for four years, he works closely with Sales and Marketing teams to accelerate deal movements and tactically advise management on how to improve their team performance and win rates. He is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a minor in Theology at Christendom College in Front Royal, Virginia.

Henry Walker

Revenue Operations Manager

Henry is revenue operations manager at EMEA and has a background in sales and engineering. He is skilful at unifying and aligning operations, systems, and data that support sales teams along the entire revenue cycle to generate more consistent and scalable growth.
He has a passion for empowering businesses to streamline operations and maximize revenue potential, which fuels his commitment to delivering impactful outcomes for clients.
Originally from England, Henry is a leader in his community and holds the title of President at Fœderatio Internationalis Juventutem.

Demetri Newman-Brown


Demetri Newman-Brown, a Revenue Operations Analyst at Habenae Consulting, specializes in optimizing revenue streams and streamlining operations. Certified as a Salesforce Administrator, his expertise ensures seamless integration of technology for business success. Hailing from Manchester, he coordinates activities for his local young adults group.

Nicole Barry

Administrative Assistant

Nicole Barry works closely with our executive team to streamline strategic initiatives, oversee program management, and communicate objectives to our internal and external stakeholders. Her adept organizational skills and keen attention to detail ensure seamless operations at Habenae.

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