Sales Effectiveness IMPROVEMENT

For more than twenty years we have been driving improvements in Sales Processes (from leads to sales performance). Optimisations have resulted in over 30% growth in annual revenue, +25% sales productivity gains and over 7x New Logos Pipeline growth year after year. The industries we serve include Information Technology and Services, Computer Software, Pharmaceuticals, Hospital and Health Care and Retail.

We employ the Lean Six Sigma methodology to assess the organisation’s current systems, processes and structure from the buyer’s journey perspective. We deliver a report with actionable recommendations geared toward maximising the collaboration of internal teams and ensuring/improving scalability. 

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revenue operations as a service

In a Sales Research*, over 70% of Sales leaders indicated that the rate of change in “customer expectations” and “competitive activity” was noticeable and significant. These changes require leaders to expand their knowledge of new threats and opportunities in real-time.

We take care of your Revenue Operations function and provide you with a platform to keep up with the accelerated rate of change of your selling ecosystem. We integrate proven methods, processes, tools, technologies and analytics for your entire sales force and senior executives.

Some of our services include:

  • Salesforce CRM Optimisation
  • Sales Tools Development
  • Sales Process Improvement
  • Dashboard and Reporting Management

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* 2017 CSO Insights World-Class Sales Practices Report

Organisational Design and Implementation

Our approach integrates deep expertise in organisation, leadership and transformation with the belief that change is best shaped and led by leaders instead of consultants. We employ methods to engage teams and build client capability for effectively leading their change and achieving excellent performance.

During engagements, we interview key staff, synthesise and generate insights; we structure and manage the project, and create relevant documentation. We design and facilitate workshops to drive the organisational review and perform the change management intervention.

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Actionable Intelligence Assessment (AIS)

This service is a Go-To-Market (GTM) Health Check to identify productivity gaps and set improvement targets. In prior engagements, companies have used AIS to gain up to 20% in productivity improvements or achieve savings of up to 20%.

AIS provides deep insights into sales productivity, starting with Sales ROI (gross margin/selling cost) and drilling down to more than 30 driver KPIs. It compares your organisational and GTM model internally and against rivals on critical sales efficiency and effectiveness measures to identify strengths and gaps.

AIS suits companies who want to:

  • Identify short-term priorities for capability and performance improvement
  • Lay the foundation for sustainable growth and optimise the long-term productivity go-to-market model (i.e. improve channel mix, set rep-level quotas, right size support intensity, maximise coverage, and lean out sales operations)

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Customer Experience (CX) Strategy and Roadmap

About 80% of customers say the experience a company provides is just as necessary as its products and services*. Now it is a critical time for Service leaders to transition from a cost centre to a strategic growth engine.

Through an analytical assessment of the customer lifecycle, we help you develop a Customer Experience (CX) strategy and roadmap to measure, act, and nurture each customer relationship consistently.

Our typical deliverables include:

  • Identification and prioritisation of CX portfolio across your business
  • Delivery of efficiencies, revenue growth, automation and differentiated CX
  • Improvement of the way you look at and draw insights from, customer-centric data to better understand and anticipate the needs of your customers
  • Design and implementation of Call Reduction/Contact Avoidance/Complaint Reduction and Servicing Strategies 

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*Salesforce State of Marketing

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