Sales Training Design and Delivery

For over twenty years, we have been enabling Sales teams in the Technology sector. We have delivered training to more than 2,000 sales reps. Our sales enablement programmes have boosted revenue growth by over 25% year-on-year, increased by more than 30% the cross/up-selling revenue from existing customers and expanded by more than 7x the new logos pipeline.  

Our sales training offering include:

  • New Hire On-boarding programme
  • Sales Primer
  • Sales Workshops

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Large Deals Selling Strategy

Advances in technology have shifted the traditional linear multi-step selling process between seller and buyer to a non-linear process involving many actors. For instance, according to Gartner (a global research firm), there could be up to 7 decision-makers involved in deals +$500K on the buyer side, plus several other people on the seller side.

We sharpen your sales force ́s skills, knowledge and ability to marshal internal resources and engage with a broader set of external actors. We train your team on key change management principles to involve the relevant buying personas and accelerate the large deals ́ sales cycles. In prior engagements in the Technology sector, Our programmes have resulted in +30% faster deal cycles and increased by over 20% of the Win rates.

Please schedule a discovery call to discuss customising an engagement.

Leadership Training Design and Delivery

On average, organisations investing in Sales Leadership training achieve about 20% higher revenue growth. These results help explain why more than 60 per cent of companies plan to increase the amount of training over the next three years*.

We help your leaders gain knowledge on how to assess and manage performance, build productive feedback and adequately handle team issues. They develop coaching skills to promote high productivity and effectiveness. Prior engagements have resulted in increases of +20% in Sales Productivity, +20% Salespeople Retention and +30% in Win Rates.

Please schedule a discovery call to discuss customising an engagement.

*The Sales Management Association
**Zenger Folkman

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