Smart Analytics optimises its Commercial and Marketing Process with Salesforce Sales Cloud

The platform leader in observational data reduces its operational time and speeds up sales processes with Salesforce Sales Cloud.


Business Challenge

Based in Madrid, Spain, Smart Analytics is a pioneering company which owns a technology to gather real behavioural data from users. They provide accurate audience information and competitive intelligence to international businesses, agencies and marketing leaders.

With their self-developed passive tracking technology, they monitor thousands of users through their smartphones in order to better understand their behaviour. The millions of data generated are then processed and categorized with their own data mining methodology, obtaining useful in-depth insights to directly apply in your business.

As they worked to turn the information gathered into a key factor in the creation and implementation of competitive analysis, audience discovery, and business strategies, to increase their efficiency, Smart Analytics recognised an inherent need to organise the data from their several clients into a streamlined platform. They needed a platform that could systematize their marketing, commercialisation, tracking and sales processes.



Upon implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud Smart Analytics was able to track the following of their commercial and commercial actions in a more agile and controlled manner. 

Through the implementation of the CRM platform, they were able to regulate their data management to control their lead, opportunity, proposal and receipt information as well as existing client data (accounts and contacts). They were also able to keep track of past completed activities, such as emails, meetings and tasks all on one online platform. 

With new integrated and automated sales solutions, Smart Analytics was able to optimise the use tables and reports to control and analyse management processes including campaigns, lead conversions, and sales to reduce operational time and organisation.

Why Customer Chose Habenae

Once they recognised the necessity of implementing a CRM system for their database, Smart Analytics searched for a firm that could understand their extensive database usage as a behavioral data company, and cater to both their marketing and commercial needs. 

Connecting with Habenae, they perceived our commitment to delivering catered, personable service to suit the individual needs of our customers. They saw the wide array of state-of-the-art tools on hand ranging from accounts, tables, registers and reports to support and track tasks across an organisation. 

Working with our firm, Smart Analytics was able to seamlessly integrate the system across their various teams and gain key understanding of the system to use independently. 

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