Vitae Pharma improves their Commercialization process with Salesforce Sales Cloud

The mask production company taps into Salesforce Sales Cloud to enhance its Sales process and unify its client database.


Business Challenge

Based in Spain, Vitae Pharama manufactures and markets IIR type hygienic and surgical masks with a triple protection layer, certified and guaranteed by AITEX. They use two layers of Spunbond non-woven fabric and a Meltblown filter of the highest quality to guarantee maximum protection during the manufacturing process, and their masks are smooth on the skin to prevent the harm and discomfort caused by other models.

Its factory is located in a strategic enclave in La Pobla de Farnals, 10 km from Valencia, with direct connections to air, sea and land transport, and it has state-of-the-art machinery with the most advanced quality and safety controls, that allow for a production of 3 million masks per month, with an investment plan planned to increase production in the next coming months.

With the immense growth in demand they continued to see, Vitae Pharma needed a system that could standardize their commercialization process with their partners. They wanted a streamlined platform where they could gather all their client and partner database and register all their commercial interactions.



The implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud resulted in an immediate improvement of the tracking process of transactional processes and sales flux across Vitae Pharma’s organisation. 

The cloud based CRM platform tracked their distributional actions and lead generation for a more agile and controlled sales productivity. With the latest, in-built tools, Vitae Pharm were able to plan their following actions and maintain a history register of their past calls and completed commercial activities. 

The configuration of the Salesforce platform in Vitae Pharma’s system allowed them to centralise their database for an improved control of lead capture, opportunity management and contact/account keeping.


Why Customer Chose Habenae

Vitae Pharma was founded after the health crisis of COVID-19 deemed face masks and shields necessary with the mission of providing an autonomous, safe solution, manufacturing and distributing health shield products to individuals and companies without having to depend on manufacturers from other countries. As they grew exponentially and manufacturing soared through the roof, they needed a firm that could install a strong CRM platform that would aid their company as it grew. 

When they connected with Habenae, they saw our passion and willingness to not only deliver rapid, quality service, but to act as a strong support system as the new platform is installed and have expert personnel on hand to reach out for any queries and issues. 

Working with Habenae, Vitae Pharma was able to seamlessly initiate the Salesforce platform across their organisation and adapt it to their commercial and sales processes to boost and grow long-term. 

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