EMR software company raises its game and revitalises its Revenue Operations with Habenae

The Florida-based EMR software company reworks its operational framework for increased actionable insights and better-streamlined workflows.


Business Challenge 


For more than a decade, our client has operated on the belief that technology in the medical field is the lever for lowering costs and increasing quality. Through the development of their cloud-based Electronic Medical Records system (EMR), our client has enabled over 1,600 facilities to deliver clinical and medical care, reducing admission time, improving finances, and helping facility operations through one centralised platform. Founded on the belief that one size does not fit all, our client’s software is designed specifically for behavioural health and addiction treatment centres providing multiple levels of care.

Our client provides a solution, not just a service; its ecosystem works to help its clients improve their operational efficiencies and maximise their reimbursement while serving better patient care. While they worked to promote interoperability and versatile streamlined follow-ups in their client functioning, our client saw a need to revamp their Revenue Operations to better cater to their highly-specialised customers.

Our client’s CRM tool was not always used to its complete capabilities, and there was a need to implement data hygiene practices to enhance platform effectiveness. Perceiving the need to establish long-term improvements throughout their data workflow and sales practices, our client sought a firm that could quickly identify short-term priorities and pursue accordingly for sales performance improvement.




After identifying the prime areas of Operational improvement within our client’s marketing and sales ecosystem, Habenae worked with our client’s Leadership team to improve revenue visibility and forecasting accuracy that would permeate long after their deliverance.

Habenae began meeting with first-line managers within the Sales and Marketing teams to accelerate deal velocity and implement a closed-loop process. Through carefully-crafted training tools and resources, Habenae helped implement the sales cadences and supported business intelligence to accelerate deal closing and the overall sales pipeline.

In addition, Habenae optimised our client’s data strategy and Salesforce user experience, performing data clean-ups and implementing data hygiene best practices to enhance the platform’s effectiveness. Specifically, Habenae operationalised the Propensity to Buy (PtB) Model and implemented a clear lead lifecycle and parent/child account hierarchies.

In the final stage of the six-month engagement, Habenae helped our client develop an equitable and balanced Sales Territory Model based on our client’s expansion objectives and sales capacity. This effort was spearheaded using Salesforce Maps to conquer new markets and deepen existing customer relationships.

These enhancements provided our client’s Leadership with actionable insights for the Executive Team to fine-tune and implement their growth strategy.


Why Customer Chose Habenae


Drawing from their work and services, our client strongly believed in highly specialised and centralised tools to cater to a business specifically to its needs and clients. Therefore, when examining room for improvement, they wanted to ensure that their Revenue Operations were designed specifically to their company’s needs and environment and that they could adapt and remain versatile to any challenges.

In seeking an outside firm that could help provide effective Revenue Operations As A Service, they needed a firm that could mould time-proven business practices and bring them into their company structure. In addition, they needed a firm with extensive expertise in the Salesforce platform and previous experience working with other businesses in the Technology field.

 While working with Habenae, they received hands-on consulting that served all their needs. The advisory ranged from technical support in cleaning their data and workflow improvement on Salesforce to training and development support through one-on-one work with their Sales and Marketing team to improve people´s skills and process capabilities.

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