Heimdal builds firm foundation and scales revenue growth with Habenae Consulting

The Cybersecurity software company transforms its systems for improved forecasting accuracy and elevated RevOp proficiency.


Business Challenge 


Established in Copenhagen in 2014, Heimdal is a fast growing cybersecurity company focused on continuous technological innovation. The company originated after the first win of a non-US team at the CTF championship for an idea which revolutionized DNS security, enhancing any Antivirus solution. As organizations worldwide started to feel the pressure of securing their DNS traffic more and more, the idea was incorporated into a product, the Heimdal Corp. The company specialises in proactively building products that anticipate threatscape trends.

As they continued to revolutionise and provide a global unified cybersecurity service, Heimdal sought to embark on a deep business transformation to further accelerate their growth potential. After assesing the high priority issues and the risks associated, they had built a well defined systems transformation plan and required someone to work alongside the existing RevOps team, to help validate and execute the plan.




After analysing the best RevOps practice policies and processes to govern the design, and implementation of this project, Habenae embarked on a 9 month project with Heimdal to build a centre of excellence allowing for growth and continuous operational improvement. Working closely across the entire revenue journey (Sales, Marketing and Customer Success)
Habenae gave Heimdal the right expertise and enablement for their Business Development team and helped them implement an evidence-based sales methodology to improve forecasting accuracy of their Account Executives team.

Habenae helped Heimdal make their sales strategy tangible and guided them on how to introduce these elements across the organization tactically. They helped the company leverage available technologies (i.e., Outreach, BoostUp, MindTickle, Salesforce, DealHub), significantly automating their sales experience and creating actionable analytics to fine-tune their strategy as these initiatives evolve. Finally, they provided their first-line managers with advisory support and expertise throughout the process, helping them build the skills to keep improving after the project ended.


Why Customer Chose Habenae


While searching for a firm to implement their systems, Heimdal looked for a hands-on Revenue Operations leader that could manage the upgrade of their CRM (Salesforce), roll out CPQ (Dealhub) and integrate their Billing (Netsuite); as well as design a best-in-class Lead to Cash process (CRM → CPQ → ERP).

After a customer engagement with Habenae, Heimdal was drawn to their expert knowledge of the processes, people and tools, ‘pace of change’. This enabled them to deliver a razor-focused Go-To-Maket strategy to effectively utilize their resources and people. Habenae’s knowledge of sales teams´ rationale and RevOps technology allowed Heimdal to improve the volume and quality of their pipeline/win rates, resulting in a complete optimization of how they manage opportunities and increase sales velocity within their company.

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