Bitprom improves processes of Commercialisation to boost tracking and control of Sales

Bitprom implements Salesforce Sales Cloud, streamlining Sales and Service systems and automating commercial functions.


Business Challenge 

Based in Almeria, Bitprom has more than half a decade of experience working in the promotional marketing and advertising sector. Led by their principles of creativity, imagination and originality, Bitprom caters to a wide range of industries, leading the design, development, production, import and distribution of promotional articles for the evaluation of their customers’ brands.

Providing such a large array of services to a variety of clients, Bitprom needed to set up a scalable sales structure to manage their commercial activity and accelarate new sales reps. onboarding. They needed a system that could unify their client database and help them capture new leads as well as manage opportunities and existing clients.

Bitprom seeked a powerful cloud infrastructure that could help them centralise and analyse their data, but that could also allow them to create a roadmap of future customer engagements for continual market growth.



Salesforce Sales Cloud provided to Bitprom an agile and systemised following of their commercial actions and the internal administration of their operations.

The implementation of the Salesforce platform provided the necessary tools for better planification of follow-up actions and the maintenance of proposal history and any other completed activities. It provided reports and tables to supervise and analyse the management processes implemented (including past sales and order invoices) all in one online server.

Tapping in to cutting edge technology, Bitprom was able to reduce human errors, and increase customer satisfaction.

Why Customer Chose Habenae

Having observed the inherent need to implement Salesforce Sales Cloud to their system, Bitprom seeked a firm that could implement Salesforce in a fast and agile manner, while obtaining high quality results.

Coming into contact with Habenae, Bitprom saw our commitment to excellence and speed in all services. They understood that our goal is to facilitate the leverage of cloud technology, while making it easy and simple to handle.

Working with Habenae, Bitprom was able to gain support and insight in the development of the Salesforce application, while receiving quick and timely responses from our team.

In the future, they are working with Habenae to integrate the campaign management module for outreach to their increasing customer base.

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