Sales compensation expertise

Is there anything more fascinating than motivating and rewarding a sales team?  It all comes together when:

  • Sales person focus is aligned with what the business needs and supports the companies strategy
  • You’ve got the right balance of excitement and accountability for the sales people
  • The financials work for everyone – the business and the sales people.

We're here to help

We’re focused on helping Companies solve not only their day-to-day challenges in their selling efforts, but also increase Sales Performance, Revenue Growth, Process improvement and help with Go-To-Market Strategy.

*That includes advice around:

    • Pay-Mix
    • Territory and Account alignment
    • Caps and Thresholds
    • Worker’s Council preparation
    • Communication plan
    • Sales Organization set-up
    • Link Compensation approach to Company Strategy
    • Focus your Sales People on the right Sales, at the right cost to your business
    • Education to all Departments involved in Compensation Design

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Bettina Kaemmerer

Bettina is a Sales Compensation expert. She’s worked for companies like HP, Microsoft and lastly for First Data/Fiserv in leading EMEA and global roles in Sales Compensation and Sales Operations.

Other key skills and assets include:

  • Ability to turn ideas into practical workable solutions
  • Certified Trusted Advisor
  • Superior “cross group” collaboration and project work capabilities
  • Fluent in German & English
  • Available to work inside or outside of UK
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