Habenae incorporates into Industry 4.0

Announcing: Habenae, strategic consulting firm, will be starting operations

The firm’s aim will be to help companies boost sales effectiveness and create superior customer experiences.

London, England; February 11, 2019Habenae, management consulting firm in Industry 4.0, incorporates today into the group of advisory firms in the functional areas of Strategy, CRM implementation and Learning & Development.  It is a solid proposal to assist companies wanting their sales team to work more effectively and thrive in the digital era; as well as those companies seeking internationalization of their operations and scalability for future growth.

Habenae arrives at the hands of its CEO and founder Ricardo Amaya, known in the business world for increasing Sales and Operational productivity through the identification of adequate strategies and tactics for each business. He has vast experience operating in Europe and America, in companies such as HP Enterprise, Mitel Networks, CA Technologies and Avid Technology, in which he has nurtured growth of up to 20% and has attained the esteem and respect of his colleagues for his personal work ethic.

Ricardo explains: “Business leaders have a myriad of technology available to increase their team´s productivity. There is a risk that this technology is not compatible with the users of these tools and their daily routines. In many instances, companies end up with technology that creates administrative burden, instead of simplifying the tasks for their employees. We are here to help those companies wanting to increase their productivity by leveraging their existing culture and making use of the appropriate technology, with the people as a foundational pillar of sustainable growth”.

Jill Konrath, a well-known business strategist, gives an example of how technology can slow down operations: “We live in the age of distraction, people do not realize that the digital environment and their thoughtless use is stealing between one and two hours a day of their time. Research shows that when someone receives a notification, their thinking stops. Then he needs 10 to 20 times the duration of the interruption for the person to return to what he was doing before the interruption. These constant interruptions are really hurting people´s ability to be successful. Companies are investing millions in technology to increase the productivity of their sales people, but they are not addressing the personal issue of helping people deal with the interruptions that are affecting not only their time but the quality of their thinking”.

About Habenae

Habenae offers optimal solutions for strategic and operational issues, pointing out the adequate direction to effectively convert Marketing into Sales and put in place the best practices to manage customer success. Habenae attends all sectors in the Industry, from the most technological ones, such as Manufacturing, Energy, Telecommunications and Financial Services; to others such as Retail, Public Sector and Health and Tourism. Our objective is to enable innovation in all productive sectors. At Habenae, we hold the belief that each individual related to the company can add great value to the success of the organization and believe that respect for the individual is a foundational pillar of a competent enterprise. We put people first. Want to work with us?

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