Coblogal sees performance gains with Salesforce Sales Cloud

The Spanish non-profit organization sees its operational times reduced and effectiveness increased with the CRM platform.


Business Challenge

Coglobal is a non-profit focused on promoting participatory democracy among government bodies, mainly in the southern regions of the country. Working nationwide, they place an emphasis on the establishment of inclusive and transparent relations between local communities and democratic institutions, creating participatory solutions for local governance linked to Sustainable Development Goals.

Coglobal provides technical advice, evaluation and training services to public bodies involved in participatory democracy experiences, mainly PB, youth PB and deliberative processes with children. Their professional experience has also given them the chance to cooperate with local governments in monitoring and research about participatory policies not only in Spain, but also with partners in Portugal, Dominican Republic, Morocco, Uruguay and Nicaragua. 

As they began to expand throughout the country, Coglobal set up a strategic plan to become a key social actor for promotion of participatory democracy by their 2030 agenda. In order to achieve this goal, they recognised a vital need to standardise and unite their customer segmentation and demographics. They needed a system that could streamline all their data for a more agile processing time.



Once Salesforce Sales Cloud was implemented Coglobal saw an immediate increased productivity in their sales and operational processes and a more controlled handling of their various demographic data. 

The cloud-based platform allowed them to configure their data to allow for a more efficient handling of client and provider information, including their handling of survey information collected from studies and consulting from institutional, social and academic entities. This aided the process of capturing more leads, as well as managing opportunities, contacts and accounts. 

In their work, Coglobal navigates various fields of work in the political spectrum, including the democratic inclusion of children and young people, gender equity, and the promotion of a decentralised cooperation. With Salesforce Sales Cloud, they were able to plan following actions in each field of work, and maintain a historic register of sales as well as use reports and tables to control and analyse the management processes already implemente

Why Customer Chose Habenae

As Coglobal teamed with teamed with several government officials and civil society to design participative solutions for SDG-oriented governance, they needed firm that could adequately implement the platform unto their system and seamlessly integrate their data unto it. 

During their meeting with Habenae, Coglobal was able to see our dedication to provide unified solutions with practical cost-benefit returns. With our customized implementation methodology, they were able to understand how the Salesforce Sales Cloud would be integrated to fit their vast array of customers and partners.

Once the platform was integrated, Coglobal was able to immediately see the improvements of the unionise system in their database, receiving expert support from our team through the whole process.

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